Brilliant ways to clean a subwoofer

In recent days, electronics products play a vital role in our daily life. It is easy to buy an electronic instrument but it is essential to keep it safe and clean for prolong usage.

In electronic products, subwoofers and woofers are used for best audio system output. It is essential to clean the subwoofer with proper care. The proper cleaning speaker cones technique helps to extend the life of a product.

This article helps to clean speaker cones in the easiest method and helps to avoid damage and improper placement of its equipment.

A Step-by-step guide to clean a subwoofer

First, take a lint free fabric material and move around in a circular motion on the subwoofer to remove the dust from the surface. Now with the help of the screwdriver remove the grill of the woofer. Now clean the subwoofer and its caps neatly.

Now clean the inner surface of the woofer with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Now the subwoofers and caps are cleaned neatly. Now screw the woofer parts and cover it carefully.

clean a subwoofer

Cleaning with subwoofer exterior

You must be careful in cleaning the subwoofer exterior parts. Proper subwoofer care must be given to clean speaker cones.

It is easy to clean the subwoofer with the help of dry clothes. However, stubborn dust is not cleaned with dry cloths;

Hence, use wet cloths to clean a subwoofer. Ammonia free cleaner can also used as subwoofer care for safer cleaning.

Cleaning with subwoofer grills

It is the toughest task to clean speaker cones and subwoofer grills, if you really know and understand the cleaning process, then try to clean subwoofer grills, if not better don’t take any risk.

In case of fabric base subwoofer grill, use proper cloth and remove the grill carefully and clean the grilling space thoroughly. If you make any mistake, it may cause severe damage to the subwoofer. It is the toughest cleaning process.

If your subwoofer grill is metallic base then never use water-based cleaner to clean a subwoofer. It badly damages the subwoofer.

Cleaning the Speaker Cones

The speaker cones are usually made of papers. It is a very important part that must need proper subwoofer care in cleaning the speaker cones. Cones are the main part of the subwoofer, as woofer is made of cones parts only.

If you spoil the woofer cones, then you must replace the cone with a new one, there is no other choice. So be a delegate and take proper care on cleaning speaker cones.

A solvent must be used to clean the speaker cones, don’t use any wet or dry clothes, always use a soft brush for cleaning speaker cones.