Simple steps to perform vinyl player setup for best results

Do you have more interest in listening to records? This guide is the right choice for you.

If you want to get more from the vinyl collection, you should concentrate on the turntable setup. It is because turntable can start to create noise if you fail to set up it properly. Even using best phono preamp, in some instances, it may jump out of the grooves or damage the records. If you desire to start listening to your records, it is vital to have a few fundamental components including:

  • Turntable
  • Preamplifier
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

Luckily, there are numerous ways available for upgrading the turntable components/gear. They are used for customizing the listening experience.

turntable setup

Guide to set up your record player

If you have performed record player setup previously, you can start to make these following adjustments. It is because they make the audio system much sweeter and keep the precious and wonderful records protected.

  • Level the table

At first, you can ensure that the record is spinning right is for leveling the table on X & Y-axis.  If you want to perform this, you can place the level on the turntable platter.  After that, you can keep a level on a platter and spin it about 90 degrees.  Before moving, you can ensure that look at the original position again to ensure that it is available in a correct position.

  • Adjust the tracking force

The turntable is boasting of tracking force related details suggested by the manufacturers. It is the right level of weight that you put on a tonearm for keeping a needle in the groove. It also helps you to receive possible sound. Balancing the tonearm is simple to adjust the tracking force. It is one of the parts of a turntable which aids you in finding the sweet spot.

  • Place a tangential alignment curve

Are you looking for the finest possible sound from your record? You can ensure that tonearm mimics a tangential alignment curve of a lathe.  It needs to move a cartridge forward or back in a headshell.

record player setup

  • Set the zenith

You can need to place the needle/stylus of cartridge in a perpendicular direction. It is really good for enjoying the best possible results.

  • Clock the speed

You can ensure that the table is functioning at a suitable speed of about 33 1/3 RPM when spinning.

  • Set both stylus rake angle and vertical tracking angle

Each tonearm has varied descent angle, so you can use the ears to find the best sound.

  • Set the azimuth

It is the level the needle leans right or left in a groove of your record.

  • Set the anti-skate

It is the final adjustment in the vinyl player setup which let people modifies the range of horizontal force entirely being placed in a needle. It keeps the stylus in the middle of groove.