An excellent way to portrait sealed subwoofer or ported box in a stereo system

ported and sealed bass

The excellent way to get full rich-sounding bass in your car stereo is to add a subwoofer in the car stereo. Adding a subwoofer in your car audio system greatly improves the impact and quality of sound and music.

Generally, there are two bass camps light and bloomy. Based on the type of bass style of music get vary. If you prefer tight focused go for sealed box otherwise choose portrait woofer for best output.

In case of maximum volume with boom sound and best music then your choice must be ported box. There is a huge difference between a ported and sealed woofer.

sealed vs ported subwoofer

Sealed Vs Ported Box

Sealed Box:

It is tight in nature and more accurate in bass output. In the case of louder bass, it needs more power for better efficiency and best performance. The boxes of the sealed box are smaller in size.

Ported Box:

The box is larger. The bass is less accurate and more bloomy and louder in sound output. It does not require more power still it is more efficient than a sealed box.

Ported Vs Sealed Sub

An experiment made with car listening room, in which a car is loaded with sound ordnance of sealed and ported boxes of 10” Alpine subs each and a variation in the sound difference between ported and sealed subwoofers are as follows

Sealed Vs Ported Subwoofer

Pop Music:  In ported bass, it sounds more punch but muddy. In the case of sealed sound, it is better to hear the bass sound and punch.

Rock / Alt Music: In the case of sealed sub bass it is more emphatic to listen to rock music. In the case of port base listening to the rock is louder.

Classical Music: There is no difference in listening to classical music in ported and sealed bass. Sealed box shows better output than classical.

R&B / Rap Music: In case of rap music the sound on bass hears natural and enthusiastic in a ported box, whereas in sealed it is not.

Electro / Dance: For electro or dance music ported bass delivers better and best bass for this type of sound and music.

The difference between ported and sealed subwoofers shows the mixed reaction of output. We receive the best output from sealed and stereotype bass. Sealed subwoofers are best for classical songs whereas ported bass is suitable for Rap and Dance.

Before you fix up with the woofers and sound systems, it is better to choose the box according to your taste. Make sure to add either popping loud or humming low in your stereo system to get the kind of best bass.