Know about crossover frequency and its importance

What is a speaker crossover Frequency?

Cross over frequency of a subwoofer is a frequency in that woofer starts with low-frequency effect with good bass notes. The speaker cross over frequency may be analog or digital. The woofer output type may be active or passive.

Why Crossover Frequency is important?

A speaker crossover frequency used to increase power efficiency and decrease the cost of the speakers and bass. Every AV receiver feature with an auto-equalization that set the crossovers for speakers automatically based on loudspeakers capabilities.

There is a demand for any crossover that comes from the impracticability on one drive unit that deals with 10-octave spectrum besides removing a passive crossover. This helps to increase power efficiency and decrease in cost.

What Crossover Frequency should I use?

The crossover frequency is also be used on loudspeaker units to adopt such frequencies. Here are some important functions that are applicable to active and passive crossovers for speakers let’s see one by one

  • Audio spectrum can be split to 2, 3 or more bands
  • Correct the drive unit interaction and make up the diffraction.
  • Correct the physical alignment of the driver units
  • Correct the unmatched sensitive on driver units.

Below is the guideline for speaker crossover frequencies

  • Small center, surround shelf: 100-120 Hz.
  • Large center, surround and shelf: 60-80 Hz.
  • On-wall or small satellite speakers: 150-200 Hz.
  • Mid-size center surrounds speakers: 80-100 Hz.
  • Very large center surround speakers: 40-60 Hz.
  • Tower speaker with 8”-10” woofers: 40 Hz
  • Tower speakers with 4”- 6” woofers: 60 Hz.

crossover frequency

How to Get a Better Bass Performance

Use small speakers for best output

To set cross over frequency on a music system, it is advisable to use small speakers for best output. It is quite interesting to listen to pop, classical, hip hop, and acoustic music. The tinier speakers have restricted bass response that is inclined with the full range on best frequency output.

To set cross over frequency effectively in small speakers with the best quality output of bass performance are the important elements for best output and better efficiently.

Add a Subwoofer

When you use a subwoofer on a music system, you must know about what cross over frequency should I use?

The crossover frequency of subwoofer is the frequency in which speakers start to roll off on subwoofer kicks with bass notes and LFEs. Modern AV receives features with auto adjustment of equalization on loudspeakers.

To set crossover frequency efficiently the AV processor must fit with the subwoofers prominently. AV processor along with DSP woofer provides a best two-channel surround set-up to get the best performance output.

A crossover for speakers through small speakers, subwoofers and DSP woofers along with best bass management function helps to experiment critical listening and achieve best output result.